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Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Memory Child

Title- The Memory Child
Author- Steena Holmes
Rating- 4.9 STARS
OVERVIEW- This is a story of love and loss. Brian and Diane are happily married. When Diane is expecting, she is promoted at work, and Brian has to go to London for a business venture. The timing is definitely wrong, add to that Diane's dark past, and the idea of a child is very complicated.
A year later, Diane can't imagine life without her baby daughter, Grace. But life gets in the way. With her struggling to get back to work and Brian being held up indefinitely in London, Diane realises that things aren't normal. Her dark past has caught up to her.
Review- When I picked up this book, the first thing I noticed was the name, obviously. The Memory Child. But after reading this book, I can confidently say that no other name would've portrayed this book better. Holmes has kept this book at a neutral pace. I think the one thing I loved the most about her writing was how, chapter to chapter, the story is told from both Diane and Brian's point of view. The time changes, as Diane's point of view is told after the baby's birth, while Brian's is from before the baby's birth. This gave me a lot of perspective on the views of all the people surrounding the main characters. My favourite character was Brian; his calm and supportive personality, as well as his protectiveness towards his family. Steena has portrayed this character as a strong personality, but knows when to prioritise his family above all. Also, the way in which Grace is described is just flawless. It depicts every mother's view of their child, how no one can be more perfect for them. The characters in this book are EPIC. Diane's strong and composed identity as well as her delicate, fragile heart. Holmes has done it!
This story was nothing like I thought it would've been. The story line was constantly surprising. I was reading it with a hopeful heart. But once I reached three quarters of the book, my heart was wrenched out. I don't want to give anything away, but this is a must read! I would recommend it to everyone and anyone, except younger readers.
Make sure you get a copy. You don't want to miss out! :D <3

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