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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Q&A with Author Lavinia Urban of the Erin The Fire Goddess Series

1). Who/what inspires your writing?
My daughters are the first thing that inspires. It is great that I am showing them to follow your dreams and that everything is possible if you put your mind to it.
2). Do you use your own experiences in your work?
To a certain point I do. Of course there are things I right that have never happened to me but I sit there and think ‘What would I do?’ or ‘What would my children do?’
3). How do you develop your characters?
I make notes on my characters personalities and focus on that and what I feel they would like and go from there.
4). What genres do you write and what draws you to them?
Right now it is mainly YA Paranormal, but I am currently working on a dystopia book (I haven’t decided the age yet.)
5). What, do you find, is the hardest part of writing?
Life gets in the way, lol. This week I have been building flat packed furniture then I have been hit with the flu and I want to scream because I want to write.
6). Best part of writing?
I love the response from the readers. I also love when I get the paperbacks delivered and I sit there with it in my hands saying ‘wow I did that.’
7). What brought out the storyline for Erin The Fire Goddess?
My family and I moved from Edinburgh to the village we live in now and my eldest daughter, Erin, went from being the popular girl to being bullied and one day she was upset and asked me to write her another story – I had written a short story a couple of years before. So What went from a story to overcome bullying grew into a series that is now read worldwide.
8). How do you deal with writer's block?
I rarely get writers block. My problem is I get side tracked easily by Facebook games.
9). Who was your favourite character to write about, in Erin The Fire Goddess and why?
Jo. I love, love, love Jo. She  has her own novella, which is book 3.5 in the series, and before now people thought of her as a small character but she came into a life of her own. There is so much to her life that is so different to Erins.
10). What is your favourite book?
Right now I love the Divergent series

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