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Friday, 27 June 2014

Erin The Fire Goddess: The Beginning

Title- Erin The Fire Goddess: The Beginning
Author- Lavinia Urban
Rating-4.2 STARS
OVERVIEW- Erin is an extraordinary girl. But she isn't aware of that. The only people who love her are her parents, and sister, Kasey-ray. But she's used to being lonely. That's why when her family move to Galladale, she doesn't expect the attention she receives. The bullying from Jessica, gets out of hand. Why is Jessica trying to stop Erin from meeting Sean? Secrets start unfolding, but will Erin be able to control the fire within?
Review- Urban has told a story so good, it was interesting and compelling throughout. Every time I put the book down, I kept looking back at it. The story was quite fast paced and didn't drag on. I think this was the best thing about the book as the fast pace is what allowed me to keep my interest. Also, I loved how, scene to scene, the story is written quite smoothly, each part of the story is told nicely, with nothing left hanging. My favourite character would have to be Kelly, Sean's sister. I love how....okay I don't want to give anything away! Urban has portrayed all her characters distinctly, be it Erin's tendency to put herself down, or Kasey-ray's bubbly attitude. She has shown how all the characters are connected, even though they're so different. However, as all stories have villains, so does this one. Dr.Hammersmith's character, I feel, wasn't one of the well versed characters. He wasn't quite clear on his intentions. Whereas, all the other characters were so carefully planned. They were clear, and wonderfully written about. The storyline, is one of the best I have come across. As I said before, this is one of those books that can be read in one reading. An inviting read!

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