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Saturday, 23 August 2014

*BOOK TOUR*---> The Princess and The Prom Queen by Jaclyn Weist

Author: Jaclyn Weist

Book: The Princess and the Prom Queen

Publication Date: April 29th 2014

Publisher: Trifecta Books

Genre: YA Fantasy


Book Synopsis:

Jenny’s had it with her life. Six siblings in an overstuffed house are enough to drive anyone crazy, and sometimes she dreams of escaping to some fantasy world. When she suddenly wakes up to find herself being kissed by a strange—but very handsome—prince, Jenny knows her life just got a lot more exciting. Now stuck in a medieval land of castles and royalty, when Jenny learns that the queen has agreed to marry her off to the prince, it’s time to take matters into her own hands. She goes on a quest to find out who dragged her to this time while trying to keep from falling in love with either of the boys vying for her attention.

Princess Genevieve has only known life under her mother’s rule. She wants to do more than go to battle or deal with suitors. She wakes to find herself in a new world filled with gadgets, electricity, and moving carriages. She finally has the freedom to be who she wants to be with a family who cares deeply for her and a boy worth any sacrifice. It’s more than everything she always wanted.

As Jenny and Genevieve settle into their new lives, they face an unknown evil which threatens everything they care about and makes them face tough questions—like who they are and what they really want their lives to become.


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Genevieve’s eyes snapped open. “It was not my fault!” she shrieked.

She sat up quickly when a burst of giggles erupted around her. The room she saw was not what she expected. It was crowded with icky little girls, and the walls were covered with portraits of boys that stared down at her. She scooted back on the bed away from the children and curled up in a ball. Where were her servants? These peasants should not be in her room. But . . . this was not her room. Her tightly held control snapped.

“Be gone, you little brats. Go find your mother and stay away from me!”

They looked at her in shock before one burst into tears and ran from the room.

“What did you do that for? Mary was excited to tell you she lost a tooth. You big meanie,”


one girl said. She stuck out her tongue and followed the other child.

“Out!” Genevieve said when no one else left.

They scampered out and she jumped off the bed to slam the door. She looked around again, panicking at the mess that surrounded her. This was not where she should be. Where was her prince? A prince was supposed to come and rescue her, was he not?


Jaclyn is an Idaho farm girl who grew up loving to read. She developed a love for writing as a senior in high school, when her dad jokingly said she was the next Dr. Seuss (not even close but very sweet). She met her husband, Steve at BYU and they have six happy, crazy children that encourage her writing. After owning a bookstore and running away to have adventures in Australia, they settled back down in their home in Utah. Jaclyn now spends her days herding her kids to various activities and trying to remember what she was supposed to do next.


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