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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Someone Always Loved You

Title- Someone Always Loved You
Author- Brooke Williams
Rating- 5 STARS!
OVERVIEW- His first day on the job, ambulance driver Jay has a horrible accident. The victim of the crash is thrown into a coma and Jay keeps vigil by her side. As their lives, past and present intertwine; a story of love through time unfolds. An intricate drama including adoption, love, suspense, and plenty of questions, Someone Always Loved You is a novel that keeps the mind churning and the soul alive.
REVIEW- This is one of those books...told in third person, depicting the lives of many different people at different times in their lives. I usually find this point in books very irritating, but with Someone Always Loved You, I found this the best aspect of the book. The story was at a neutral pace throughout constantly changing from scene to scene, time to time. The plot that was conceived from Brooke's imagination is one that kept me constantly guessing. This is one of the best books I have read in a long, long time. The characters, especially, were very well thought out and described. My favourite character would have to be Evan Rodriguez, who isn't spoken about too much in the novel, yet plays a very essential character. I don't know how I can describe the greatness of this book, without giving anything away, but the way this story has unfolded, was something I never expected. The realisation of guilt, family, friends, and love, is highly concentrated on by Williams and, in my eyes, there is nothing to criticise in her work. To pick a favourite scene from this book is very difficult for me as I loved every page of it, but the end was a perfect end to a perfect novel, and I don't think anyone could've written it better. There was one character in particular that I started despising( I don't want to name him, if you read the book you'll know who I am talking about) but towards the final pages of the book, I started viewing things from his eyes, and It churned a lot of emotions in me. This is a marvellous read. Make sure you don't miss out! One of the best story's ever to be told <3

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